Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting


Whitney, Edgar A.

The author of this superb guide was not only a renowned watercolor painter but also a brilliant teacher with an unmatched talent for conveying to his students the techniques and aesthetic philosophy underlying great paintings. Years after becoming award-winning painters themselves, his students still quote his “Whitneyisms” to remind themselves of all that is most important in creating art. This fine guide, the distillation of Edgar Whitney’s teaching, is one of the most useful, comprehensive, and popular watercolor painting books every published — almost a cult classic.


“Mr. Whitney has the reputation, not only of being a genius but also being a bit of a rascal in his workshops, pulling no punches in his critiques and also reveling in joking with his students. I was born too late to experience his workshops, but I treasure this volume of his words and wisdom.” — reviewed by Cat B.

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