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Alice Larsen - Premium Artist

I've loved art making ever since I was little. Playing with color, shape & texture is constantly amazing to me. My art pieces are essentially self-portraits of me.

  • Ripe Belles by Alice Larsen, Pastel on Paper<br>26 x 31 inches<br>

    Ripe Belles
    Pastel on Paper
    26 x 31 inches

  • Hands Across the World by Alice Larsen, Pastel on Paper<br>27 x 32 inches<br>

    Hands Across the World
    Pastel on Paper
    27 x 32 inches

  • Honeybird Exploring by Alice Larsen, Alkyds on Paper<br>27 x 31 inches<br>

    Honeybird Exploring
    Alkyds on Paper
    27 x 31 inches

  • Jazz in the Bright by Alice Larsen, <br>Alkyds on Canvas<br>16 x 20 inches<br>

    Jazz in the Bright

    Alkyds on Canvas
    16 x 20 inches

When I am painting a likeness of you, the work is filled with my interpretation, feelings and colors, which are hardly ever in traditional flesh tones. I also draw with vibrant and positive energy because I really love trying to grasp an understanding of new subjects and art techniques.

Although I enjoy working in pastels, I am painting again with alkyds and acrylics. Acrylics are so much fun to use because of the additives you can use and it's new for me and I love experimenting.

I have been commissioned to take photos of singles, couples and sometimes families. I have taken photos in beautiful woods and we end up with very natural and tasteful photos in the soft, warm light of trees, plants and creeks. Clients often like to have a painting made from one of the photos I've taken. If you'd like to see my outdoor photos or paintings, please contact me and we can arrange a meeting.

Feb '11

  • Rose Blue Abstract by Alice Larsen, Pastel on Paper<br>24 x 31 inches<br>

    Rose Blue Abstract
    Pastel on Paper
    24 x 31 inches

  • Stars Light My Way by Alice Larsen, Acrylic on Canvas<br>12 x 16 inches<br>

    Stars Light My Way
    Acrylic on Canvas
    12 x 16 inches

  • Sunflower Special by Alice Larsen, Alkyds on Canvas<br>11 x 14 inches<br>

    Sunflower Special
    Alkyds on Canvas
    11 x 14 inches

  • Calistoga Trees in Front by Alice Larsen, Alkyds on Paper<br>19 x 25 inches<br>

    Calistoga Trees in Front
    Alkyds on Paper
    19 x 25 inches

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