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Cecelia Jurgens - Premium Artist

Cecelia Jurgens C.S.P.W.C. is an internationally known artist who works primarily in watercolour and acrylic.

  • Plaza Mayor, Madrid by Cecelia Jurgens, watercolour<br>8 x 11 inches

    Plaza Mayor, Madrid
    8 x 11 inches

  • Beaver Creek by Cecelia Jurgens, watercolour<br>11 x 15 inches

    Beaver Creek
    11 x 15 inches

  • Ralph's Place by Cecelia Jurgens, acrylic<br>30 x 42 inches

    Ralph's Place
    30 x 42 inches

  • Momartre Paris by Cecelia Jurgens, watercolour<br>22 x 30 inches

    Momartre Paris
    22 x 30 inches

Living in Saskatchewan, she appreciates the vastness and beauty of the prairie landscape and through extensive travel enjoys painting the varied landscapes and cityscapes, especially capturing the essence of life through street scenes. Cecelia is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Cecelia has been teaching art workshops since 1999. She particularly loves and is known for her yearly Sketchbook Workshop Tours that take place in Europe, South America and Canada.

Artist Statement: I feel that those of us who were given the desire to sketch and paint, and to render what we see or imagine on paper or canvas to be especially blessed! The act of doing art takes us into the present moment where we are one with the universe, which is a healthy, healing and joyous place to be. We simply have to take that desire and pursue it through study and work. It helps along the way to have positive help and encouragement. I particularly thank some mentors that were so valuable to me, the late Jack Reid, Linda Kemp and Brian Ateyeo. Now, it is so very rewarding to be that mentor to other artists pursing their dreams.

December '11

  • Taste of Saskatchewan by Cecelia Jurgens, acrylic<br>18 x 24 inches

    Taste of Saskatchewan
    18 x 24 inches

  • Forest Floor by Cecelia Jurgens, acrylic<br>30 x 30 inches

    Forest Floor
    30 x 30 inches

  • Artists in Orvieto, Italy by Cecelia Jurgens, acrylic<br>24 x 24 inches

    Artists in Orvieto, Italy
    24 x 24 inches

  • Arles, France by Cecelia Jurgens, watercolour<br>15 x 11 inches

    Arles, France
    15 x 11 inches

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