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Colleen Taylor - Premium Artist

I paint every day and am learning more and more about myself through the art I create. I still marvel at the peacefulness and calm painting evokes in me.

  • Autumn Afternoon by Colleen Taylor, pastel on<br>pastel paper<br>11 x 15 inches

    Autumn Afternoon
    pastel on
    pastel paper
    11 x 15 inches

  • Amalfi Coast by Colleen Taylor, pastel on<br>pastel paper<br>22 x 26 inches

    Amalfi Coast
    pastel on
    pastel paper
    22 x 26 inches

  • Orange Roses by Colleen Taylor, water-colour on<br>water-colour  board<br>11 x 14 inches

    Orange Roses
    water-colour on
    water-colour board
    11 x 14 inches

  • Lily Pads by Colleen Taylor, acrylic on canvas<br>16 x 20 inches

    Lily Pads
    acrylic on canvas
    16 x 20 inches

Colleen's passion for art did not begin with a paintbrush. In her very early years, she danced wherever and whenever she could. She has studied all forms of dance and continues to do so today. Colleen senses the rhythm and music on such a deep level, that today her painting adventures echo that sense of freedom and creativity.

Colleen is dedicated to her art and paints at least 3 hours every day to perfect her talent and explores many different subjects for her work. Growing up in Southern California and traveling has inspired many ocean landscapes. Living in the Southwest affords ample opportunities for beautiful desert depictions. Her love of animals and flowers round out more subjects and recently under the tutelage of one of her instructors, she has been creating religious icons. She has even dabbled a little with whimsical items such as her 'kooky women' series and her Kokopelis.

She welcomes the opportunity to discuss any of her pieces of art with you. She can be reached at 480-699-8032 or .

December '11

  • Sunflower by Colleen Taylor, oil on canvas<br>20 x 16 inches

    oil on canvas
    20 x 16 inches

  • Monk Icon by Colleen Taylor, mixed media<br>on burlap<br>24 x 18 inches

    Monk Icon
    mixed media
    on burlap
    24 x 18 inches

  • Cactus Marriage by Colleen Taylor, oil on canvas<br>20 x 16 inches

    Cactus Marriage
    oil on canvas
    20 x 16 inches

  • La Badia by Colleen Taylor, pastel on<br>pastel paper<br>30 x 26 inches

    La Badia
    pastel on
    pastel paper
    30 x 26 inches

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