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Gary Gumble - Premium Artist

The heart of my work is the impressionistic depiction of people and places.

  • The Fountain by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>12.63 x 13.38 inches

    The Fountain
    12.63 x 13.38 inches

  • The Tea House by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>18 x 18.38 inches

    The Tea House
    18 x 18.38 inches

  • A Walk in the Park by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>14.5 x 19.5

    A Walk in the Park
    14.5 x 19.5

  • Wildflowers by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>11 x 17 inches

    11 x 17 inches

The images I create most often have their roots in my travels and become almost a visual diary. While I love nature and the great outdoors, for my diary I am most drawn to scenes involving people. But whether the subject of a painting is landscape, people or a combination of the two, the problem is always the same--how to visually instil my excitement in the viewer.

I want to draw the viewer into the painting by leaving much of the visual detail to the imagination. This bit of mystery pulls the viewer into the painting, lets him return to it again and again and still find something new and ultimately allows each person to create his own story about the image.

  • Filipinas by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>15 x 21 inches

    15 x 21 inches

  • Lower Falls by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>18 x 16.5 inches

    Lower Falls
    18 x 16.5 inches

  • Cathedral by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>16 x 16 inches

    16 x 16 inches

  • Book Cover Art<br>for<br><i>A Promise Not Kept</i> by Gary Gumble, pastel<br>12 x 12 inches

    Book Cover Art
    A Promise Not Kept

    12 x 12 inches

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