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John Burk - Premium Artist

'As a painter of landscapes and seascapes, I naturally want to capture the wonder of these places as best I'm able and share it with those similarly inclined.'

  • Sisters by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>15 x 30 inches

    acrylic on canvas
    15 x 30 inches

  • Stone Quarters by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>30 x 20 inches

    Stone Quarters
    acrylic on canvas
    30 x 20 inches

  • Landfall 2 by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>22 x 17 inches

    Landfall 2
    acrylic on canvas
    22 x 17 inches

  • Sea Gate by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>12 x 12 inches

    Sea Gate
    acrylic on canvas
    12 x 12 inches

John's recent work is a portfolio of the Newport seacoast, paintings for a new gallery in Newport RI. Following this is work done on the Mid-Atlantic seacoast to the Jersey Shore for newer galleries in Philadelphia and Morehead City NC. The seacoast continues to be a big attraction for John. 'When I'm painting a place, I'm there, any time of the day. I'm a lucky man.'

Reviews of John's work have consistently made the same observations: his compositions are powerful and compelling, combining strong graphic design with a painterly light and atmospheric quality. They command your attention across a room and take you to a special place. Referring to a Burk painting he owns, a collector once said, 'When I need to unwind after a day at work, I walk right into those woods.'

Oct '13

  • Shark's Tooth by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>33 x 22 inches

    Shark's Tooth
    acrylic on canvas
    33 x 22 inches

  • Landfall 3 by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>24 x 16 inches

    Landfall 3
    acrylic on canvas
    24 x 16 inches

  • Blue Boat by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>39x 26 inches

    Blue Boat
    acrylic on canvas
    39x 26 inches

  • Curl by John Burk, acrylic on canvas<br>11 x 14 inches

    acrylic on canvas
    11 x 14 inches

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