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Judy Maurer - Premium Artist

My love of the natural landscape, so apparent in the Ozark Mountains, brings me to the easel again and again.

  • Forest Melody by Judy Maurer, oil<br>20 x 30 inches

    Forest Melody
    20 x 30 inches

  • Ozark Pasture by Judy Maurer, oil<br>18 x 24 inches

    Ozark Pasture
    18 x 24 inches

  • Lakeside Magic by Judy Maurer, oil<br>16 x 20 inches

    Lakeside Magic
    16 x 20 inches

  • Summer Song by Judy Maurer, oil<br>18 x 24 inches

    Summer Song
    18 x 24 inches

The dense forest of oak, pine, sycamore and hickory invite exploration, adventure and the challenge of mastering an infinite number of greens. Bluffs, with their grayed ochre, violets and sienna supply a brief but welcome relief from green while clear flowing water reflects it all along with the colors of the sky.

Factor in solitude. No honking horns, squealing tires, cell phone rings or laugh tracks. Just the melodious sounds of birds as they merrily chirp and whistle in tune with the rustle of the wind and the quiet tinkle of water as it flows it's truthful way.

This is the heart and soul of the Ozark Mountains and the opportunity for me to connect with this gift of nature is a blessing beyond measure.

I live in northwest Arkansas during the summer and Gold Canyon, Arizona in the winter so I have access to two very different landscapes, two sets of art friends, and two different studios. My current work is primarily in oil but I originally began painting twenty years ago using pastels and still find wonder in them. My passion for painting has brought wonderful people, exciting adventures, and sometimes a sense of accomplishment into my life. I know I'm very lucky.

Sept 13.

  • Kingston Road by Judy Maurer, oil<br>11 x 14 inches

    Kingston Road
    11 x 14 inches

  • Forest Spirit by Judy Maurer, oil<br>12 x 9 inches

    Forest Spirit
    12 x 9 inches

  • Taking a Stand by Judy Maurer, oil<br>30 x 20 inches

    Taking a Stand
    30 x 20 inches

  • Pond Mountain by Judy Maurer, oil<br>14 x 11 inches

    Pond Mountain
    14 x 11 inches

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