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Judy Wray - Premium Artist

Judy Wray is a modern environmental artist who lives and works in East Brunswick, New Jersey.
Judy Wray Artist Statement: ...think globally and work locally, using the creative energies from around the country and the world to light a fire at home fueled from everywhere. Thoreau said: 'It is something to be able to paint a particular picture or to carve a statue and so to make a few things beautiful. But it is far more glorious to carve and paint the atmoshere and medium through which we look. Which morally we can do. To affect the quality of the day that is the highest of arts.'

  • The Rubber Hand Pipe by Judy Wray,

    The Rubber Hand Pipe

  • In the Garden or En el jardin del casa de Socorro by Judy Wray,

    In the Garden or En el jardin del casa de Socorro

  • The Blue Ball Pipe by Judy Wray,

    The Blue Ball Pipe

  • Fish bricks by Judy Wray,

    Fish bricks

The Rubber Hand Pipe: Over 2000 surgical rubber gloves and still going. Not counting anymore. When the idea went to Mexico during October and November, 2007, it went literally on line..a clothesline.

The Blue Ball Pipe from the What's Art apprenticeship program at Citizen School, New Brunswick, NJ

Plastique - The Ocean show is my baby, but only one of many vinyl pieces is actually hands on mine..and it disappeared! It wasn't for sale or about sales. It was an art adventure spearheaded by myself involving 27 other artists from around the country. The pieces were originally done on transparent vinyl to take advantage of acres of glass hallways. We hung using heavy duty suction cups.

Pipe Dreams - We are demonstrating creating with simple things all around, pretty basic stuff....buckets & PVC pipes.We began one sunny afternoon with 5 students from Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick, NJ when we were asked to come up with a no budget community project. The 2 pipes to come of this closest to my heart and the most hands on by me were the Rubber Hand Pipe, over 2000 hands and still going & The Blue Ball Pipe.

The Flying Beetle - Creating an Icon and The Story behind the Hub-With Magnetic Connections. It began once upon a time on Harts Lane, East Brunswick with East Brunswick Foreign Auto Sales and Repair. The owner, Atilla Soltez, invited artists to come up with a design for the fence skirting his property. As encouragement and inspiration, Atilla placed a Volkswagen beetle (which he had sliced in half, the front half) in front of the fence. This beetle has been in the movies! Atilla does not remember which movie.

99 Bottles mine in concept. I hatched it. I levitated it..and even painted a few! This was not about selling painted bottles. Everyone got to keep their own bottle or give it away! Boxes and boxes of petrie dishes, flasks and test tubes came from all departments of the medical school, UMDNJ. Only the digital image was used. Together, they surround the student lounge. Girl Scouts & professional artists, custodians, cooks from the kitchen, professors and med students, side by side, we made it happen.

Bumper the Eighteen Lumber Company truck, festooned with bumper stickers from all over and each year refreshed. We are thinking of bumper stickers as a kind of Americanized, Japanese Haiku. A concise, positive melding of image / words, not meant to incite road rage. What is my part? Secure and maintain the truck and good relations with the changing ownership of the truck; Generate the inflow of imagery from all parts. The BUMPER Truck is a rolling billboard of new ways to come together which leap boundaries of all kinds.

  • Pipe Dreams by Judy Wray,

    Pipe Dreams

  • The Flying Beetle by Judy Wray,

    The Flying Beetle

  • 99 Bottles by Judy Wray,

    99 Bottles

  • Bumper by Judy Wray,


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