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Kim Rody - Premium Artist

I have always been connected to the sea. I think the creatures that live near and below the ocean, with their intricate detail and vibrant coloring, are fascinating and compelling. I spend most of the year in the Bahamas and up and down the eastern Atlantic coast on our 41 foot sailboat gathering source material and meeting with clients. Otherwise, you can find me in my Stuart, Florida studio.

  • Blue-Striped Grunts  by Kim Rody, acrylic painting on canvas<br>44 x 76 inches

    Blue-Striped Grunts
    acrylic painting on canvas
    44 x 76 inches

  • Bling by Kim Rody, acrylic painting on canvas<br>48 x 60 inches

    acrylic painting on canvas
    48 x 60 inches

  • Winter Solace by Kim Rody, acrylic painting on canvas<br>30 x 40 inches

    Winter Solace
    acrylic painting on canvas
    30 x 40 inches

  •  Venetian Fresh Market by Kim Rody, acrylic painting on canvas<br>36 x 48 inches

    Venetian Fresh Market
    acrylic painting on canvas
    36 x 48 inches

My favorite medium is acrylics on large (up to 100 inches) canvases with lots of paint and bold, textured strokes. I have established markets for my paintings and giclées in South Florida, the Bahamas, and along the Intracoastal Waterway. My images can be seen in hotel lobbies and fine restaurants, and are collected by private clientele for their primary residences and second homes.

My work is appealing to clients looking for a dramatic, bright, colorful, and tropical feel which pulls the viewer in and under, into the world I love best, and that few enjoy first-hand. My website,, showcases hundreds of images categorized by subject. In addition to original art, images are also available as limited editions on heavyweight watercolor paper, open editions on canvas, posters, note cards and holiday cards. Call Kim at 772-341-6566 or email

Kim Rody Artist Statement:
In and amongst the corals, from the warm waters around Florida and the Bahamas, I found my niche and my artistic soul. Having taken fish for sport and sustenance throughout my life, I found capturing their beauty and their spirits in large format canvas provided spiritual sustenance for me.

The bigger, the better. When I'm splashing the thick, bold, colorful acrylics on the canvas, the images practically paint themselves. As varied as are the fish in the sea, there can be no end to their inspiration. I will run out of canvases, paint, and time in my life to create long before I ever release a small fraction of the imagery they inspire.

  •  Bahamian Fishermen by Kim Rody, acrylic painting on canvas<br>76 x 44 inches

    Bahamian Fishermen
    acrylic painting on canvas
    76 x 44 inches

  • Red Tree by Kim Rody, acrylic painting<br>16 x 20 inches

    Red Tree
    acrylic painting
    16 x 20 inches

  • Desperado by Kim Rody, acrylic painting on canvas<br>30 x 40 inches

    acrylic painting on canvas
    30 x 40 inches

  • Clownfish by Kim Rody, acrylic painting on canvas<br>18 x 18 inches

    acrylic painting on canvas
    18 x 18 inches

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