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Mary Aslin - Premium Artist

Beautiful design is the underpinning of Mary's work where representation emerges from abstraction.

  • After the Party by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>20 x 24 inches

    After the Party
    20 x 24 inches

  • The Luthier's Sonata by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>23 x 31 inches

    The Luthier's Sonata
    23 x 31 inches

  • The Distraction of Inspiration by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>31 x 23 inches

    The Distraction of Inspiration
    31 x 23 inches

  • Beautiful Distraction by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>72 x 48 inches

    Beautiful Distraction
    72 x 48 inches

The final refinements and seemingly delicate touch of her paintings belie their creation, where a necessary plunge into chaos eventually manifests itself as order, an order seeking to root itself in the Grand Design. Mary is along for the ride, where creative fire and adrenalin, a healthy dose of anxiety, and the wonder of discovery ignite and fuel the journey she feels privileged to take.

Mary was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, she worked as a cartographer, eventually returning to her first love of representational painting, completing private and public commission paintings. In the following years, she continued to refine her skills, studying with renowned artists, and at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle and at the Watts Atelier in Encinitas, CA. She has received numerous awards for her paintings and her collectors have summarized the experience that many have viewing her art: 'Light, so much light...and drama with tranquility'.

Jun '13

  • Quiet Glory by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>12 x 24 inches

    Quiet Glory
    12 x 24 inches

  • Delicate Balance by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>16 x 20 inches

    Delicate Balance
    16 x 20 inches

  • From Dreams to Destiny by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>18 x 14 inches

    From Dreams to Destiny
    18 x 14 inches

  • Leeward Shores,<br>Windward Dreams by Mary Aslin, pastel<br>56 x 44 inches

    Leeward Shores,
    Windward Dreams

    56 x 44 inches

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