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Mary Frances Millet - Premium Artist

I have different styles depending on what I'm inspired by...and I'm inspired by everything!

  • Early Morning Report by Mary Frances Millet, watercolor collage<br>24 x 36 inches

    Early Morning Report
    watercolor collage
    24 x 36 inches

  • Summer by Mary Frances Millet, watercolor<br>9 x 12 inches

    9 x 12 inches

  • 8 Vases by Mary Frances Millet, watercolor<br>11 x 14 inches

    8 Vases
    11 x 14 inches

  • Pearl by Mary Frances Millet, acrylic<br>16 x 20 inches

    16 x 20 inches

It's hard for me to concentrate sometimes because I see paintings everywhere! It ranges from detailed realism to distilling an image down to an almost abstract level to convey the feeling of a moment. Whether I'm working in watercolor, acrylic or collage, I am most relaxed with a paintbrush in my hand! I am blessed to be able to not only paint, but pass on what I've learned to my students.

July '13

  • Turbulent Sea by Mary Frances Millet, watercolor<br>16 x 20 inches

    Turbulent Sea
    16 x 20 inches

  • Three Dancers by Mary Frances Millet, watercolor<br>24 x 36 inches

    Three Dancers
    24 x 36 inches

  • George B. by Mary Frances Millet, watercolor<br>18 x 24 inches

    George B.
    18 x 24 inches

  • Farm House by Mary Frances Millet, watercolor<br>16 x 20 inches

    Farm House
    16 x 20 inches

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