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Nora Camps - Premium Artist

Camera in one hand, palette knife in the other, story on her mind. When Nora Camps began her career in commercial design, she and many of her contemporaries came from an education in Fine Art. Sensibility of space, colour and rhythm were key ingredients of seeing, sorting and organizing elements for commercial art. More than 20 years later, Nora is a Marketing Communications Strategist, Storyteller, and Fine Artist - intertwined in experience and output.

  • Bronze Portal by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>72  x 60 inches

    Bronze Portal
    72 x 60 inches

  • Crazy For You by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>30 x 54 inches

    Crazy For You
    30 x 54 inches

  • Flowers in a Bowl by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>24 x 30 inches

    Flowers in a Bowl
    24 x 30 inches

  • Red Flowers Stark by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>24 x 24 inches

    Red Flowers Stark
    24 x 24 inches

Nora's fine art has a deeply felt theme of meditation and tranquility. Her paintings and photography are in private collections across Canada.

Exhibition of photos and paintings

Paper Mill Gallery Toronto, SARAYU 2010
Gladstone Hotel - Mugs with Frames 2009
Opening of Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation 2009
Paper Mill Gallery Toronto, Gallery Nora Spring Show, April 2008
Paper Mill Gallery Toronto, Gallery Nora Winter Show, February 2007
Paper Mill Gallery Toronto, Gallery Nora Spring Show, April 2006
Paper Mill Gallery Toronto, Gallery Nora Spring Show, April 2005
Balzac, The Distillery District - Body Image Redefined, 2004
Balzac, The Distillery District - A life in paintings, 2003


Though largely self-taught, Nora studied art from 1978 - 1982 at Sheridan College, Ontario College of Art and Design and George Brown College.


Nora photographed and authored To Thine Own Self Be True-Body Image Redefined. This book is used by Rape and Crises Centres across Canada. It is currently out of print. Limited edition photo prints are available and may be seen in the photography section of Nora's website. Click on link below.

Nora grew up in a home filled with music and art -- there were sketches on every piece of paper, paintings and possibilities everywhere. Nora's mother, Marietta Camps, is a west coast artist who uses watercolour to create scenes of cornhusks, windy roads, long beaches and abandoned buildings.

Artist Statement

We hear about bodies of work - artists moving from one series to another with a corresponding story of travel, love, strife, unrest. In my case I would have to say that my creative pattern, if you will, is less about bodies of work and more about seeing the world through a familiar lens of soft focus obscura. My landscapes lack the detail that connects them to a specific place and time. Works like Decision 1, Calm, Illumination represent the human condition yet maintain a vagueness. A painting may seem familiar yet it is not local to anyone in any precise and exacting way.

  • Graphic View by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>30 x 30 inches

    Graphic View
    30 x 30 inches

  • On Pond by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>48 x 60 inches

    On Pond
    48 x 60 inches

  • Landscape II by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>48 x 24 inches

    Landscape II
    48 x 24 inches

  • Decision l by Nora Camps, Acrylic<br>36 x 48 inches

    Decision l
    36 x 48 inches

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