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Pat Viles - Premium Artist

Creativity is the power to create, to cause to come into being.

  • Sedona Sunrise by Pat Viles, Mixed Media<br>23 x 24 inches<br>

    Sedona Sunrise
    Mixed Media
    23 x 24 inches

  • Santorini by Pat Viles, Mixed Media<br>48 x 48 inches<br>

    Mixed Media
    48 x 48 inches

  • Harbor Lights by Pat Viles, Collage<br>36 x 36 inches<br>

    Harbor Lights
    36 x 36 inches

  • Jewel in the Sea by Pat Viles, Collage<br>48 x 60 inches<br>

    Jewel in the Sea
    48 x 60 inches

A created thing is unique, brought into being by imagination and using unusual techniques and ideas. In my work I try to avoid the commonplace, routine or ordinary. My way of doing this is by using materials not ordinarily used by other artists. Such as thin silk fabric hand painted, inked or dyed by myself, different papers painted by myself and anything I can use to embellish the surface of the support I choose like gels, gesso, organic objects or anything that will make the mark or design I want. I dearly love tactile surfaces and color.

  • Spirit of Taos Pueblo by Pat Viles, Dyes on Silk<br>48 x 72 inches<br>

    Spirit of Taos Pueblo
    Dyes on Silk
    48 x 72 inches

  • Looking Down on Paradise by Pat Viles, Dyes on Silk<br>48 x 75 inches<br>

    Looking Down on Paradise
    Dyes on Silk
    48 x 75 inches

  • Sanctuario de Chimayo by Pat Viles, Dyes on Silk<br>44 x 3 inches<br>

    Sanctuario de Chimayo
    Dyes on Silk
    44 x 3 inches

  • Serenity by Pat Viles, Ink on Silk<br>29 x 19 inches<br>

    Ink on Silk
    29 x 19 inches

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