Ramya Sadasivam


I, Ramya Sadasivam, have been practicing art since 2006. I so love to portray Indian culture, customs, day to day chores of the hard-working laborers, happy village life and life of women. I love to capture the difference in values between the shadows and bright light and also I like to capture genuine emotion.

Bullock Cart Indian
oil painting
Man Making Pot
oil painting
Woman preparing chappaathi
oil painting
Boy Making Skateboard
oil painting

Art is a therapy. It has been a solution to all the problems. I feel safe while I practice art. The formula is simple, you practice it and you will never fail.  Every day of practice has a proportionate outcome attached to it. My future plan is to have an art studio and to practice art until my last breath. I am planning to have a virtual art institute where art beginners can learn what I have learnt so far J. Not to forget, my father had a really big role in protecting my dream, thank you father.

My paintings range from USD 700 to USD 3000.

Girl Sitting on a Rock
oil painting
A Woman Praying to Pillaiyar
oil painting
College Going Girl
oil painting
Woman Kneeding Dough
oil painting

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