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Vickie Newington - Premium Artist

Working with textiles has been a lifelong pleasure for me, and fusing glass is a new love. I have a passion for trying new techniques and concoctions that can be adapted for my use as a glass and fibre artist.

  • Alley by Vickie Newington, fibre art mixed media<br>40 x 29 inches

    fibre art mixed media
    40 x 29 inches

  • Ancient Forces by Vickie Newington, mixed media<br>36 x 26 inches

    Ancient Forces
    mixed media
    36 x 26 inches

  • The Colours Within by Vickie Newington, fibre artwork<br>58 x 26 inches

    The Colours Within
    fibre artwork
    58 x 26 inches

  • Bug Tales by Vickie Newington, mixed media<br>26 x 26 inches

    Bug Tales
    mixed media
    26 x 26 inches

I am fascinated by the richness of layering - the way an image appears and disappears underneath another image, allowing the viewer to make up their own stories about what the images are or what has happened. I work with lines, form and most especially texture. My new pieces are inspired by the colours and waves of water ruffled by the wind in a Yukon lake, tiny insect holes in the ground, weathered corrugated metal, or the drop-dead gorgeous changing hues of an Aurora Borealis. Fabric is tactile - it is warm, versatile, and very flexible. Depending on the final look I'm after, I can create a look that is hard and shiny, fuzzy and squishy, or crumbling due to age. Glass is just the opposite - it is hard, shiny, and does not 'give' at all. It provides a lovely contrast to the fibre.

  • Tributaries I by Vickie Newington, felt and glass<br>19 x 11 inches

    Tributaries I
    felt and glass
    19 x 11 inches

  • Aurora Lights VIII by Vickie Newington, felt and glass on silk<br>35 x 27 inches

    Aurora Lights VIII
    felt and glass on silk
    35 x 27 inches

  • Contrasts by Vickie Newington, mixed media<br>46 x 23 inches

    mixed media
    46 x 23 inches

  • Bark by Vickie Newington, mixed media<br>18 x 26 inches

    mixed media
    18 x 26 inches

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