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William Marvin - Premium Artist

Trees and clouds with their ever-changing shapes have fascinated me since I was a child. I would visualize imaginary frames around trees shapes, barns and sheds, and rolling fields under open skies. Composition is still important to me but now they grow organically from abstract thumbnail sketches that transform the ordinary into scenes that communicate with impact and clarity.

  • At Rest by William Marvin, oil on canvas<br>12 x 24 inches

    At Rest
    oil on canvas
    12 x 24 inches

  • View From the Bridge by William Marvin, oil on canvas<br>20 x 30 inches

    View From the Bridge
    oil on canvas
    20 x 30 inches

  • Serenity by William Marvin, oil on canvas<br>18 x 24 inches

    oil on canvas
    18 x 24 inches

  • Emerging Cliffs by William Marvin, oil on canvas<br>24 x 18 inches

    Emerging Cliffs
    oil on canvas
    24 x 18 inches

My professional background is graphic design; therefore I create with strong shapes, well-defined value patterns, and lush color. My preferred medium is oil paint because of its ability to create an endless variety of textures and subtle color effects. Unusual color combinations that vibrate with intensity, whether obvious or subtle, get me excited. Bringing all of this together in a painting is a challenge that I have never grown tired of.

My finished paintings start with a plein air sketch on a specially prepared 9 x 12 inch linen canvas mounted on thin mahogany panels. The inspiration of a natural setting viewed close-up and personal gives authenticity to the final painting because of the emotional reaction to the scene and the ability to draw multiple interpretations and obtain accurate color notes. These sketches are then taken to the studio where they become the inspiration for full size paintings. My focus is refining the design and color combinations that will amplify the drama of light and shadow that first inspired me to set up my easel at this spot.

I have found painting landscapes to be an adventure of the mind, spirit, and body. It is a record of a distinct moment in time that captures an emotional response to a physical reality. Nature is exciting, unforgiving, and always spiritually rewarding. I still view the world with wonder and appreciation for the beautiful images that God presents daily for our pleasure and amazement. Growing up doesn't mean forgetting the inspirations that began in childhood.

September '14

  • Light Dance by William Marvin, oil on panel<br>15 x 30 inches

    Light Dance
    oil on panel
    15 x 30 inches

  • Silent Storm by William Marvin, oil on canvas<br>15 x 30 inches

    Silent Storm
    oil on canvas
    15 x 30 inches

  • Hidden Trails, Open Water by William Marvin, oil on panel<br>15 x 30 inches

    Hidden Trails, Open Water
    oil on panel
    15 x 30 inches

  • Escape by William Marvin, oil on panel<br>20 x 36 inches

    oil on panel
    20 x 36 inches

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