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A friend who will remain nameless is a big collector. He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. We were feet-up, scotching ourselves when I started foaming about the watercolours of John Singer Sargent. “Didn’t know he did them,” my friend announced. “He was a society painter, wasn’t he?” There was no point in continuing. Then I mentioned Anders Zorn. “Never heard of him,” he said. I tried to fill him in.

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Dear Artist, A friend, who will remain nameless, is a big collector. He knows the…

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My friend and fellow artist Joe Blodgett devised a system he calls “The 14 Golden Stations.” At the time he was concerned with procrastination and time wasting — conditions that attack some artists. It works this way: You need a clock or a watch with an hourly chime. On the hour changes — generally from 8am to 9pm — you make a one-word note in a journal accounting for what you catch yourself doing. For yesterday mine looked like this: Walking, emailing, painting, painting, varnishing, driving, dreaming, planning, painting, painting, reading, snoozing, painting, painting.

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Dear Artist, In 1984, Edward O. Wilson introduced the “Biophilia hypothesis.” His idea was that…


Dear Artist, Yesterday, Sonia Gadra of Frederick, Maryland wrote, “What is your feeling about participating…

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Dear Artist, The other day I got into a Brain Measuring Machine and was asked…

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