Desirable Words List :: Your thinking words – January 24, 2003

Desirable Words List

Delete and/or add words and rearrange the order from the selection below to best express what you want to be. When you have finished print it out and put the material in a drawer or post around your work area. Check the list again in a couple of days. Note if any more words have come to mind in the interim and add them. Look at your list frequently, listen to your own voice and note your progress.


M Y    N A M E


Life process words:


Work process words:



(Click the above button to save your changes. Upon your return to this page, click the “Load saved words” button to recall your most recent changes)



When you return to this page, Robert’s list of words will be displayed by default. If you have made changes and saved them, you can view those changes by pressing the “Load saved words” button. If you would like to comment on this list or add your own thoughts of concerns on the please feel free to write Thanks for your friendship.



  1. Sharon Wrench on

    The spoken words are extremely important. Love seems to cover everything. I would add ‘encourage’ and ‘praise,’ as both words lift the spirit.

  2. I think its funny that he added dog to the Life Process list. Its clear he had a love for his dogs. I get it, I’m a dog person too!

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