Creating Dynamitic Abstracts


_DSC0331 2Want to create great abstracts but not sure where to start and how do you know when the abstract painting is done?

Your knowledge of color and design plays a big part in creating an abstract that will stand out from all the others.   It is also important to understand how shapes provide strength to your painting and how your edges add sensuality.  So, how do you put it all together and come out with a painting that is selected for major shows, and sells?

Design: What is considered a strong design? How to create a design that is exciting.
Color: When it comes to color what colors are best and which colors speak to the viewer?
Are there specialized ways to apply your paint to get the “look” you are searching for?
How do you get an inner glow in your abstracts?
What importance do “Quiet Colors” play in an abstract?
Shape: Are all shapes equal?
What are support shapes?
How do you connect shapes to make them interesting?
Edges: How do you do to make edges sensual?

This workshop/retreat will cover the above subjects giving you the ability and power to take your art to a higher level.

Date for this workshop/retreat is September 5 – 9, 2022 in Taos, New Mexico.




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