Capturing the Light in Pastel (Paint Pastel)


Aggett, Lionel

Paint pastel landscapes bathed in pale, glowing light and rich, warm colors with the aid of practical instruction from and inspirational finished works by one of the masters of the medium. Learn to capture nature’s transient light conditions in order to anchor your work in time and space. Renowned artist Lionel Aggett offers easy-to-follow guidelines for working with pastels, choosing materials, and selecting a subject. He then explains how to approach the challenge of translating the unique effects of both natural and artificial light on paper. Develop your own approach to light, dealing with such variables as weather, geography, time of day, and season. Numerous step-by-step examples and stunning finished paintings will help you achieve a more perceptive and personal response to light conditions, as you develop your practical ability to render your inspiration on paper.


“He explains his methods very clearly and his demonstrations are broken down in sections so it makes it easy to follow.” — reviewed by Arthur.


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