End-of-Earth People: The Arctic Sahtu Dene


Brown, Bern Will

A history of the “End-of-Earth” Native people of Canada’s far-North Sahtu region.


Bern Will Brown, noted northern author, artist, photographer, and respected community leader living in Colville Lake, Northwest Territories, provides new insights and perspectives on the Sahtu Dene, the people referred to as the “Hareskin” in Alexander Mackenzie’s 1793 journal. Having lived among them for over sixty years and as a speaker of their dialect, Brown is well positioned to provide an adventure in history and culture rooted in the Hareskin traditional way of life.


“Artist, pioneer, filmmaker, journalist, dog-musher, pilot, priest and Robert’s friend Bern Will Brown who passed away at home on July 4, 2014 at the age of 94. He is buried at Colville Lake.” — reviewed by Sara Genn.


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