Lust for Life


Stone, Irving

LUST FOR LIFE is a fictionalized biography of the Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh and is based primarily on Van Gogh’s three volumes of letters to his brother, Theo. Van Gogh was a violent, clumsy and passionate man who was driven to the extremity of exhaustion by his fervor to get life — the essence of it — into paint. Irving Stone treats the artist with great compassion and gives us a portrait that is sympathetic but fair.


“A biography of Vincent Van Gogh. No biography has ever gone deep into the soul of an artist like this book. Perhaps it is because Theo had the insight to save so many of Vincent’s letters that we can have the opportunity to have this view of a man, driven to create, who was misunderstood by almost all who knew him. I cherish this book and when I am discouraged by my own artistic achievement, I remember how many paintings Vincent sold during his life… and THAT fact did not alter him from his desire to create. His passion continues to inspire me daily.” — reviewed by Nancy M. Patterson.

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