Valentin Serov


Press, Parkstone

The Moscow artists who began to move towards Impressionism in the 1880s admired the works of the young Serov, his pastoral landscapes so clearly revealing the lyricism of modest events in daily life. Benefi ting from the instruction of his teachers, Repine and Tchistiakov, he became the finest Russian portraitist of his generation. His skill is evident in some of his most beautiful paintings, “Young girl with peaches” or “Ulysses and Nausicaa”. Serov’s creative work and experience opened the way for Russian painting to become part of pictorial art in the 20th century.


“I knew nothing of this painter and was actually ordering a book on Gerome when this popped up as a “you might also like this” suggestion. So I took a chance and ordered it and was delighted. The collection of paintings in the book by Valentin Serov are just beautiful. His style is like Sargent in treatment, compostion, and brush work. Most, if not all, of the paintings are reproduced in color. If you love painting, this book is an excellent addition to your art library and you’ll be treated to some delightful paintings that you have never seen before. Highly recommended.” — reviewed by Brenda Pizzo.

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