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Dear Artist,

There’s a question that keeps coming my way. I guess it’s on a lot of our minds these days. With your permission I’d like to answer it with your input.

How well does art sell online?

Some artists allow established brick-and-mortar dealers to include their work on the dealer’s sites. Some artists manage websites as an aid to their stable of brick-and-mortar dealers. A few anchor their artist-owned gallery chains via the internet. Some offer their work along with other artists by way of online galleries and group sites. Still other artists manage their own websites from their studios or with the help of site managers — with the idea of making direct sales. Some artists offer their work online at auctions. There are, of course, other variations.

It would be great to hear your experience.  I’ll have the material tabulated and we’ll post it for those who want to take a look, at before 3PM PST, March 31, 2000. If you wish to give statistics, anecdotal material, or just an opinion, please do. We will not publish everyone’s letter — but we will try to gist and publish a cross-section or at least quotations from responses. Some responses may be sensitive so I’ll respect your anonymity unless you request otherwise. Also, if you know of others who might add a meaningful contribution, please copy this letter to them.


Alexander Graham Bell

The Net is a medium that promises communication with millions and invites us to shine into the corners of our world. Our intuition tells us that we can make it work for ourselves. With sharing we are going to learn a bit about this miracle, and how it’s beginning to influence the appreciation and distribution of art. If my survey throws an idea or two in your direction, we’ll do it again in a few months.

Best regards,


PS: “Mr. Watson, come here, I need you.” (Alexander Graham Bell’s first audible words into the telephone. March, 1876)



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