GREEKSCAPES Journeys with an Artist


Rogers, Pamela Jane

Rose is an artist, yet she lacks self-confidence. She was sidetracked too often when she was young and still makes decisions that interfere with a creative life now that she’s older. After twelve years of marriage, she’s still trying to have a baby by doing everything possible including the impossible thought, “try not to think about it”. Throwing herself into interior design gives her a feeling of accomplishment, but it’s yet another compromise. There are moments of clarity that verge on the enlightenment she seeks, but soon her doubts return. Only her painting implores her to look inside and free up her emotional stalemate, and that persistence soon leads her to a brilliant painting mentor.


“It is as much about the inner landscape of an artist as about a land. You will relate to Rose’s challenges to maintain a traditional lifestyle of marriage and children while drawn by her creative nature to give birth to her Self.” — reviewed by Marilyn Harding.

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