Painting as A Pastime


Churchill, Winston

This little meditation, written during Churchill’s time in the shadows before World War II, is a great find. Includes 18 color plates of Churchill’s watercolors, but it is the 32 pages of personal reflections of the value of the art as a means of relaxing from a stressful life that turn this into a small masterpiece in the area of self-help. Both painters and Churchill buffs will enjoy it.


“Winston Churchill recommends painting for health reasons. Particularly mental health reasons.” — reviewed by Robert Genn.


“Those who have not read Churchill may not have realized that his masterful command of the English language makes his works very easy to read; this work shows him making thoughtful points so effortlessly that you don’t realize how much practical wisdom you are swiftly absorbing… he developed a practical method of relaxation that may be helpful to the many of us who are interested only in mastering our own lives.” — reviewed by R. Winn.

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