Jaye Alison Moscariello


The move to Northern California spurred my desire to paint the landscape – motivated in part by the fear that I would wake up one day and it would all be gone! I had some kind of doomsday concern, tantamount to extreme climate change or bombs going off like Hiroshima —something drastic.

The Wildfires of 2017 were traumatic, we experienced three on our land that year.

In processing the fire experiences and living with the constant awareness that what happened then can happen again.  I produced  a short film entitled:: From the Ashes – Fire, Survival. and Renewal, about how our community responded to the Redwood Complex Fire 2017.The is film available for free screenings to community fire councils and art institutions.  I am working on part two.

In 2020, largely due to the ensuing California wildfires, we chose to sell our 195 acre place and move back to the East Coast, where our families live and we are creating a new life and farm.

I am still witnessing and interpreting the landscape.

Jaye Alison Moscariello

Cow Mountain View
30 x 40 inches
54 x 54 inches
Season Fading
60 x 72 inches
Lower Pond Tribute
36 x 36 inches

I began painting when I was pretty young, and gratefully acquired a few skills at Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut. In the 80s I moved to New York City. After a few years I began showing my work regionally and internationally. The excitement of interacting with different cultures in NYC and in other countries inspired me.

West Coast warmth and the possibilities of new experiences motivated a move to Hollywood, where in my tiny art studio on Fairfax I painted a lot about loss and isolation. I continued to exhibit wherever I felt most called or invited. Eventually I found my dream studio and gallery in Santa Monica where I lived and worked for eight years.

A body of work, a series of paintings in gouache, watercolor, and pen and ink on arches paper entitled “Chase the Monkey” informed me that it was time to leave the city. I did just that in May of 2009, moving first to Anderson Valley, then to Elk and finally to Redwood Valley where my husband and I managed our farm, Floodgate Farm on Heart Mountain.  Just outside my door wildlife and such an abundance of natural beauty. In 2016 I published a not just for children’s picture storybook of the adventure entitled “Capture the Moon”.


Lower Pond and Smoke
12 x 16 inches
Acrylic and casein on board
Lower Ridge Day 5
12 x 16 inches
Acrylic and casein, latex on board
Majesty Rising
12 x 26 inches
Beyond Smoke
12 x 16 inches

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