Peter Prest

Coming late to the wonderful life of an artist, Art found me through great instruction from Nancy Lynne Hughes,  and extending workshops from such International figures as Jean Pedersen, Frank Moir,  Mike Svob and Gerald Brommer. Each of these fine artists have left their stamp on my work for which I am eternally grateful.

There are two elements in my  artistic development that contribute to my work daily:

–   I fell in love with water medium early,  and will continue to learn from it for as long as I paint. No one really masters watercolour; it remains a thing apart, and therein lies its beauty.

–   About six years into painting, I discovered alternative watercolour surfaces (canvas, board and collage), with the result that I rarely paint on paper any more. Each surface presents different challenges and different rewards, and I find myself shifting from one to another according to the mood and subject of each piece.
Among the Reeds, 2022
w/c on canvas
16 x 20 inches
The Thicket, 2022
w/c on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Goldrush 2, 2021
12 x 12 inches
The Second Falls, 2021
w/c on gessoboard
24 x 18 inches

Peter Prest is a Calgary artist working in watercolours and watermedia. His interest is in catching the prevailing mood of each piece by focusing on its inherent energies and tensions.

He works predominantly on watercolour canvas and various panels. These surfaces provide him with new ways to release the energy resident in each piece.

Peter’s work has been displayed with ArtMatch, Framed on Fifth  and Leighton Art Centre in the Calgary area as well as on this website over a 20 year period. His paintings have been selected for a number of solo and group exhibitions; he does instruct occasional workshops and painting demonstrations when requested.
The Forest Floor, 2021
mixed media
20 x 24 inches
Kananaskis Spring, 2021
mixed media
12 x 16 inches
Low Season, 2021
mixed media
11 x 14 inches
Amaranthus, 2021
mixed media
14 x 11 inches

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