Tricia Reichert


Creativity has always been my calling however I didn’t realize that it would be primarily art related, until later in my life. Passing on knowledge is also a natural aspect of who I am. For me teaching skills to others is both a continuous joy and a personal education.

I love to draw and to paint with watercolor, pastel and mixed media, but I am also intrigued by the process and challenges of printmaking.

To me, figures and busts in clay just seem to come alive by themselves, in their own three dimensional world.

My subject matter is quite varied overall, but my personal favorites are always faces and figures of all types.
Basket Weaver, 2012
Watercolor and Pastel
15 x 19 inches
Birch Path, 2021
9 x 12 inches
The Green Shirt, 2018
16 x 11 inches
Look What I Found! (Boy with Chicken), 2008
12 x1 5 inches

Tricia Reichert was born and raised in England. She studied Home Economics and Textile Art at Battersea College, London University and then taught high school for many years, before relocating to the US with her husband.

The opportunity to seriously focus on art began over thirty years ago. Over time, Tricia has become a specialist in the practice and theory of portraiture, particularly in the mediums of pastel and watercolor.

Her other areas of expertise and interest include drawing, many forms of printmaking and clay figure and bust sculpture.

She is currently a professional commissioned, portrait artist with many paintings in private collections throughout the US and Europe.

Tricia is also an art teacher working with groups and individuals on a wide range of classes and workshops, both privately, and from 2004-2020 all art classes through Cal Poly University’s Extended Education division.
Yosemite, 2019
Watercolor and Pastel
12 x 15 inches
Lockdown, (Boy on couch with ipad), 2021,
8 x 8 inches
Evening Light, (Female head) 2010
2 Plate Woodcut
6 x 8 inches
Fertile Ground, 2002
Copper plate Etching
4 x 10 inches

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