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In my last years of high school, I made hand-painted cards and t-shirts to sell at the local craft fair. When I got to art school, I found I could support myself by selling t-shirts on my residence floor. Painted one at a time on my bed with supplies I’d brought from home, it was the most unsophisticated moneymaking scheme I could think of to pay for paint. While other students worked at the copy center or the college pub, I sat in my room with my t-shirts and eked out what my dad called, “the gift of poverty.” It was enough to get by and, like original art, impossible to scale....Read On

Recent Premium Artists

  • christine-hanlon-art-wthgo-four_big
    January 29, 2016

    Christine Hanlon

    Her painting is inspired by the Old Masters, especially from their use of chiaroscuro and geometry, utilizing proportions like the Golden Section and other ratios…

  • Sheila Schaetzle_Making Shadows
    January 20, 2016

    Sheila Schaetzle

    Sheila remembers sketching as young as age six, her collection of sketchbooks show the development of a self taught Artist. With a strong desire to…

  • mel-josie_Mountain-High3
    October 26, 2015

    Mel Josie Art

    “As an Artist I am inspired to capture nature’s beauty….that scene that stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away! I want to pass on…

Upcoming Art Shows

Upcoming Workshops

  • Feb 22, 2016 to Feb 26, 2016 - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Donna and Tom Dickson


    Five days painting some of the best Plein Air subject matter available. Light, colour, and composition is our focus – it’s everywhere in San Miguel! Limited to 12 persons. – See Website

  • Apr 5, 2016 to Apr 8, 2016 - Paint Sedona, Arizona in Springtime with Michael Chesley Johnson


    Maximum 4 students, en plein air, all levels, all media, other weeks available, affordable workshop w/ experienced, supportive instructor held in a beautiful and relaxing southwestern landscape, individual attention. – See Website

  • Apr 9, 2016 to Apr 11, 2016 - SONOMA IN THE SPRING


    Three day workshop in the heart of the California wine country!   Acrylic and oil; all levels welcome.  Learn to use color to create dramatic and joyful paintings.  Use a big brush and loosen up.  Demos and lots of one-on-one attention at the easel.  $ 360

    More about the workshop click here.

    To see more of Paula’s paintings click here.

    Contact Paula directly: (925) 330-3060;

  • Apr 11, 2016 to Apr 15, 2016 - (Re)Envisioning the Landscape in Watercolor with Judy Mudd


    5-day watercolor workshop, all levels welcome.   (Re)envision both urban and rural scenes and create the paintings you’ve always wanted.  Make better design decisions, develop a plan and learn how to modify your reference material prior to beginning a painting.   Learn what it takes to make great landscape compositions, add interest and use techniques that lead the viewer’s eye through your paintings.  Lots of demos and individual attention with an experienced instructor, award-winning artist, Judy Mudd. See Website

  • Apr 27, 2016 to May 4, 2016 - Italy, at The Retreat with John W. Skelcher


    Get inspired by Italy’s ancient hill-top towns and rolling-hills, all inclusive 7-day painting & drawing retreat, workshop & excursion program, all levels, artists’ guesthouse and studio. – See Website

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